RIPE allocated the last of their contiguous /22 IPv4 address blocks.

They still have approximately one million addresses available, in the form of /23s and /24s, and we will continue making /22-equivalent allocations made up of these smaller blocks. Once we can no longer allocate the equivalent of a /22, we will announce that we have reached run-out. We expect this to occur in November 2019.

Following their last update in August, RIPE received a very high number of new LIR applications. They have now reached a point where the number of LIRs waiting to be activated is larger than the number of /22-equivalents remaining. This means that some of these LIRs will only be eligible to request a /24 via the waiting list by the time they are activated.

After Run-out

  • The allocation size will change from a /22 to a /24 (1,024 -> 256 addresses)
  • All new IPv4 requests will be added to a new waiting list to receive a /24 allocation of recovered addresses on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Only LIRs that have never received an IPv4 allocation from the RIPE NCC will be eligible to join the waiting list
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Since, RIPE IPv4 transfer policy is very straight forward and since IPv4 Services are official brokers and approved by RIRs like RIPE and ARIN we will facilitate an agile transfer and will take care of all required documentation.

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