?Here is a recording from The International One Conference in The Hague, the Netherlands – the international cyber security conference you don’t want to miss.

✅During the three days, leading speakers from all over the world have shared insights and developments in cyber security. 


Security Expert Bruce Schneier describes online vulnerability as follows. “We are vulnerable, because hard- and software has vulnerabilities. The bad guys find them, and keep them for themselves. So we need more good guys to find them too, and then fix those leaks. It’s all we have” 

But current vulnerability management practices depend on the willingness of individual organizations to collect and find issues, collect updates, and patch. Which is a complex process with many challenges and flaws. In this session we present the case for an integrated, national PPS program for vulnerability management. Strengthen detection, improve information delivery, help CERTS, encourage and help organizations with their patching challenges.

✅Speakers: Victor Gevers, Michiel Steltman, Jaya Baloo

♦️Michiel Steltman
Michiel Steltman is Managing Director of DINL, the Dutch Digital infrastructure Association. In his capacity he acts as the voice of the industry, consisting of organisations and enterprises delivering core Internet services Steltman has a strong technology and business background, with over 30 years of international experience in the IT and online industry. Other activities include his membership of the Forum Standardisation, a government body that selects mandatory standards for the entire IT domain of the NL government.

Jaya Baloo is Avast’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and joined Avast in October 2019. Previously, Ms. Baloo held the position of CISO at KPN, the largest telecommunications carrier in the Netherlands, where she established and lead its security team whose best practices in strategy and policy are today recognized as world leading. Prior to this, Ms. Baloo also held the position of Practice Lead Lawful Interception at Verizon, and worked at France Telecom as a Technical Security Specialist.

♦️Jaya Baloo 
Ms. Baloo is formally recognized within the list of top 100 CISOs globally and ranks among the top 100 security influencers worldwide. In 2019, she was also selected as one of the fifty most inspiring women in the Netherlands by Inspiring Fifty, a non-profit aiming to raise diversity in technology by making female role models in technology more visible.

♦️Victor Gevers
Hacker. Over 5500 Responsible Disclosures and Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosures. He lives by the credo “actions speak louder than words”. Chairman of the Dutch institute for Vulnerability Disclosure.