When talking about IPv4 address, the first thing that comes to mind will be IPv4 exhaustion. IPv4 exhaustion has been the reason for the aggressive glowing IPv4 market. Therefore, IPv4 address is an asset to generate profit.


2 Methods to generate revenue through IPv4 address

The increased value of IPv4 address yearly is creating opportunities for the owners to generate revenue. There are 2 methods below:


1. Lease IPv4 to generate profit

IP leasing is getting popular in solving IPv4 exhaustion and this service is specially curated for companies with lower budgets or only needing IPv4 addresses for a short period. There is a lot of advantage for both the lessor and lessee. Lessor can collect money as per agreed periodically while owning the IPv4 address that its value will keep increasing yearly. The lessee can enjoy the lower price to get an IPv4 address and the flexible plan that leases the IPv4 for any amount or any period.

2. Sell IPv4 to generate profit

For the IPv4 address owner, if the IP address is unused, it will be a good opportunity to sell the IPv4 address and generate profit. This is because of the limited supply of IPv4 address and people are competing in the IPv4 marketplace to own IPv4 address as much as they can. Therefore, the value is increasing yearly and the owners are able to generate more profit.